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Andres Duany Presents His Vision for Historic Roswell

Last night, Andres Duany of DPZ, presented three amazing neighborhood village concepts for Historic Roswell along with a quick fix for Barrington Hall to increase its visibility. These concepts have been refined over the past two weeks to incorporate community input that came from two days of public workshops last month. The ideas enhanced by visuals are absolutely incredible. He reviews all of them in this video. I will be posting images from the slideshow over the next several days and will continue to post new images as the planning process progresses. There was a lot of positive energy in the crowd and I believe these visions will leave a realistic and lasting impression on what Historic Roswell can become. Please share this with anyone who is interested in making Roswell a better place!

Reader Comments (2)

Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Some very exciting ideas, including some very simple ideas that can make a significant impact (Barrington Hall). Hope they are implemented. The possibility and the citizen interest is exciting.
April 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMatt Foree
I'm a native of Roswell of 46 years. I watched with disgust as my city was destroyed with strip shopping centers and all commercial development strung along basically two thoroughfares (Hwy 9 and Holcomb Bridge/Crossville Roads). Then the outer areas were ruined with cul-de-sac riddled sub-divisions.

I'm well aware that this same inane (some would say insane) pattern of development has occurred all over the post World War II U.S., but especially in the newer Sunbelt cities, and all because of the delusion of accommodating the automobile.

I've read 'Suburban Nation' probably twenty times now, no exaggeration, and I'm glad to hear that the city has Mr. Duany, who co-wrote 'Suburban Nation' with Jeff Speck, working on at least part of the problem.

I wish I had $100 Billion to give to him to redesign the whole town, even the greater area! For God's sake, we need to go back to building on grids, not just in urban centers, but in suburbs and neighborhoods too, if one can dignify isolated sub-divisions with the word "neighborhood".
February 6, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSam England

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